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Software Implementation

We have implemented several software solutions over the past 25 years.

​These include Avionte, Great Plains and QuickBooks

​All implementations were successful and provided the businesses with solutions that met their needs and budgets.

​The Avionte software is designed specifically for the Staffing industry. This product is fully customizable making it extremely powerful, but also making the implementation process challenging. Working with other executives and key employees the software was selected and a project team established. Over a 3 month period all business rules and logistics were created and tested with the software. All staff were trained in Avionte All precautions seemed to have been taken, but the unexpected happened. Many of the business rules were not in the software when we went live. Rather than doing another costly implementation at a later date, we made it work on the fly.

​Although not exactly as planned, the end result was the business benefits from having state of the art software, providing many enhancements and automated processes to help run their business..

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Some of the enhancements and features:

  • Integration to background checks
  • Mass text messaging
  • On line applicant tracking
  • Automated employee notifications
  • ACA reporting compliance
  • Resume processing
  • Integration to pay card services
  • Resume integration
  • Automated invoice distribution
  • Paperless W2’s
  • Benefits management
  • Time card integration

​This business continues to save tens of thousands each year in reduced processing costs and is able to meet regulatory requirements.

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