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Payroll Made Easy

How does a Staffing Agency pay 4,000 employees per week?

​Easy – with processes.

  • management understood and supported all processes
  • branch employees were trained on processes and were held accountable to them
  • on-line applicant process integrated with payroll to prevent errors and omissions
  • assignments were updated with orders and completions real time
  • used electronic time cards and time clocks wherever possible
  • paper time cards captured electronically and cataloged to track status
  • worked with clients to establish deadlines for approval of time
  • reviewed missing time card report to identify possible unpaid employees
  • processed payroll in batches by branch or customer as appropriate
  • configured software to identify anomalies such as more than 40 regular hours in a week or pay exceeding defined amount
  • employees paid by direct deposit or pay card wherever possible
  • checks printed directly to branch locations to ensure timely distribution
  • exceptions to process still required all employees who worked were paid by end of day Friday latest

Using these processes, resulted in many efficiencies saving time and money. In addition, the accuracy and timeliness of payroll and billing increased, strengthening relationships with employees and clients.

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