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Payments Made Easy

Are you spending a lot of money for pre-printed check stock? Has a team member ever printed a check run only to find out at the end the check numbers in the accounting system did not match the pre-printed check number? Are you tired of manually signing all checks?

There is a better way to print checks using a plug-in for your existing accounting software, MICR toner and Blank Check Stock.

All of the information, including bank name, company name, routing and account numbers are printed onto blank check stock. If you want, you can also have the check signed! Businesses who adopt this method save money and time.

For businesses with multiple locations, you can print checks anywhere using this process. All that is needed is a printer in the remote location(s) with Blank Check Stock. When printing check, select the desired printer and the check will be printed in the remote location! This works great for COD shipments or for employees needing a pay adjustment as two examples.

​Printing checks remotely makes business easier, while improving employee moral and reducing risk of fines for late employee payments.

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